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Villa dei Pini

The villa consists of two units that create a single symmetrical structure. From the first two floors there is a hill view, while from the third floor there is a sea view. In order To accommodate better the slope of the land, actually 3 floors are divided into 6 levels (middle floors) that are staggered. The main entrances are located upstream on the Via dei Pini. The villa was built using energy saving techniques, installing condensing boilers connected to the thermal solar system, photovoltaic cell installation and the use of natural materials such as cork used to make the outer coat.

Basement: 1
Floors above ground: 2
Land surface: 1.200 sq.m
Gross floor area: 616 sq.m
Gross leasable area: 836 sq.m
Address: Via dei pini n° 25
Country: Italy
City: Riccione (Rimini)

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