This book is about architecture – that is, it is about Man. Its approach requires that some “rules of the game” are explained. The book’s aim is to give a “behind-the-scenes” glimpse into what
architecture is about. Its starting point is a real project, one that has been carried out. And the exchange of messages, emails, of events between Client and architect. What emerges seems to be some kind of theatrical script – because life always comes down to performance and drama. A plot made up of different languages: dialogues – terse and intense – between architect and Client, isolated concepts – real journeys into the recesses of the mind – of the architect, the “officialise”, the lingua franca with which public administration is primed. For this reason, a
selection of these documents has been put together in the form of an “opera libretto.” Is architecture powerfully attuned with the spirit? We wanted to reveal
everything that is not seen or said: What lies in the jaws of a scaffolding, what heart beats beneath a project proposal
draft. How to submerge yourself in a home and unlock the secret room, the one which houses its very breath.

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