Underpass Viale Ceccarini

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The project transforms the underpass from an anonymous passageway to a place, we could say "Sacred", in which to tell the story of the Viale and the city, through its most illustrious characters. First the biggest benefactor of Riccione: Maria Boorman Ceccarini allowed the construction of the kindergarten and hospital and contributed to the construction of the port. The story continues until today, "unrolling" like a golden parchment along the walls of the underpass.

This element summarizes most of the objectives and design philosophy in the language of architecture. Inside the wooden cladding, the metal handrail becomes a niche that hides a continuous strip of light. With a single gesture that starts from the functional need for a secure support, a housing is created for engraved metal tiles, modular LED screens or any object you want to show.

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